465 The Sacrificial Hand

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Ma Cheng and his team were all experienced, crafty foxes; they notice Li Du's enigmatic smile and become more guarded.

But they were not able to uncover the truth, as the treasure hunters started to crowd around to drag them off to eat and drink and appraise the items they had brought.

There were many hunting knives; the treasure hunters stuck the gleaming knives into the ground and they reflected the fiery light from the fire and gave the place a combative air.

Frank was dumbstruck by the sight; he asked, "So these are the hunting knives you guys got from the Hopi Reservation? Gosh, they are beautiful. You're going to make a killing this time!"

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"Yes," Hans said, "we have made a killing. Too bad you guys didn't go to Page. Otherwise, we could have gone to the Hopi Reservation together and brought not just hunting knives back, but even coffins."

"Coffins?" Ding Xiaofeng looked startled.

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