593 The Ruckus

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Having seen so many fire opals for the first time, Roger and the rest were visibly moved.

What Li Du had said earlier had already made a huge impact. Now that the 58 pieces of fire opal had emerged, the impact was even greater.

Roger looked at these fiery-red gems in fascination. He could not resist stretching his hand out to touch the edge of the box. Then he sighed softly, "Truly stunning."

Li Du asked, "Does your esteemed company have any intention of buying them?"

Roger swallowed with some difficulty and forced a smile before saying, "Mr. Li, I think I'm not able to make the decision. Please allow me to make a call . . ."

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An old man among the three of them said, "Roger, no need to make the call. No one can make that decision. Are you guys still acquiring high value gems in bulk now?"

Another person said, "Mr. Tedrick, the decision making for the acquisition of gems has nothing to do with us. We should not get involved."

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