370 The Rosewood Expert

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Early the next day, a piece of news was circulating amongst the other treasure hunters staying in the hotel:

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"The Vendetta Storage Company found some mahogany furniture inside the storage units. The company was surprised and contacted a Chinese rosewood expert to appraise the authenticity and value of the furniture."

"What’s even more shocking is that the rosewood expert has confirmed the authenticity of the mahogany furniture and gave it a fairly high value. The storage company will hence withdraw those units from today’s auction."

Li Du heard this while he was having his continental breakfast. He called up the storage company angrily. "We’re calling to protest against the withdrawal of the units put up for auction!"

Storage companies had the right to withdraw units put up for auction because some tenants would pay their balances on the last day possible. Such units would, therefore, need to be withdrawn.

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