325 The Right Stand

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Although Li Du did not like Marate, he had to admit that what Marate had said was intelligent.

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The church charity auction was not purely to get people to fork out their money; if that were the case, they could have just organized a donation drive instead. Since it was an auction, those bidding for the items would want the items to be useful to them.

The surrounding people were nodding their heads when they heard Marate’s words. Mr. and Mrs. Martin nodded as well. "Yes, that’s right."

Marate glanced at Li Du; he smirked as though he had just won a battle.

Li Du smiled as well, seemingly unaffected by Marate, and said to him, "You’re right."

Marate’s smile disappeared from his face when Li said those words.

Li Du’s smile made Marate feel as if his "blow" earlier had hit nothing but air. Obviously, Li did not want to pit himself against him.

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