397 The Revenge of Ah Meow

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Seeing Li Du holding the two pikes as they got out of the car, Hans laughed, "Oh my god—with the fish and the meat, I’m pretty sure we’ll enjoy the party tonight."

Li Du said, "This is not for the party."

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He put the pikes into the canals, and they immediately started swimming swiftly around the water. Pikes were a common freshwater fish in North America. These showed a renewed vitality; it seemed that pikes could stay alive even after being thrown into a trunk without any water.

Seeing Hans’s feet soaking in the water, the two pikes swam over to them. They opened their mouths, moving to bite his toes.

The pike was one of the most carnivorous fish among all the freshwater fish. It not only attacked other fish, but frogs, rats, and wild ducks. Hans’s toes looked like tempting meat, delicacies in their eyes.

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