205 The Ranch

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The woodworking tools were easy to find; Uncle Kevin’s store had just the right ones.

Hans chose a set that was entirely handmade and did not require electricity, following the Amish’s religious requirements.

"We still need a young horse—let’s go check out a ranch."

Although Texan cowboys may have been well-known throughout the world, in reality, the Americans believed that cowboy culture had originated from Arizona, with Tucson city as the origin.

Flagstaff had its own cowboy culture as well; there were quite a large number of ranches and pastures there.

Hans made a call to a friend, and a few minutes later a huge, red Ford pickup was seen heading in their direction.

The pickup drove straight toward them, and the driver stepped on the brakes at the last minute.

The driver was a bearded man who popped his head out of the window and exclaimed, "Hey Big Fox! You b*stard—finally contacted me after all this time?"

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