536 The Rainbow Stone

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Li Du's tone was harsh; there was, of course, no need to show these people any courtesy.

The men still regarded him as a softie and surrounded him with either their arms folded or their chests puffed up.

Sophie was worried about Li Du being at the losing end, and so hastily went up to stand by him.

Li Du turned toward her with a heartfelt smile. Blocking Sophie, he looked at the group of them and sneered, "Well, how about it? Are you guys asking for a fight?"

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These people did not make any move; the topless young man rubbed his chin and said, "Hey softie, you know that your words will only get you a beating, right?"

"Before you act," Li Du said, "better find out who you're up against in case you die unforeseen deaths. The scenery in Winslow may be nice but it's a small rural place. I understand why you guys may not be aware."

Listening to him and seeing his confident demeanor and scornful expression, they hesitated.

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