464 The Punishment

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Frank's Hummer was a seven-seater and so the five of them took his car.

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Chase Bank was one of the largest financial services organizations in the US, with their assets totaling to 2.5 trillion US dollars. All of its branches bank deposits were worth 1.5 trillion US dollars, accounting for 25 percent of the United States' total deposits. As it had more than 6,000 branches, there was, of course, one in Flagstaff.

Frank sped to the bank, and when they got there, it was almost closing time—there were not many people inside.

A smiling white man having an animated conversation with a bank teller approached them once he saw them enter. "How are you, gentlemen? What can I help you with?"

Ma Cheng took out his work permit and said, "Hello, we are appraisers from Christie's. We have a partnership with your bank and an agreement to deposit our valuable items with you on a complimentary basis."

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