163 The Problem With Turfs

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The father and son team glared at Li Du resentfully.

Li Du continued to add fuel to the fire:

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"Hey my fellow treasure hunters, I dare to swear in the name of God, that the storage unit is filled with electronic devices! Mobile phones, notebook computers, video camcorders, and I reckon that they should be well-preserved!"

Hans played along as well and asked, "Are you sure?"

Li Du replied affirmatively, "Of course! You see, Phoenix’s weather is warm and dry, that makes it a natural preservation haven for electronic products. If the electronic items are in working condition when they are first found, then there’s a very high chance that they will still be usable!"

A treasure hunter’s integrity was very important. Lucas had proven this point when he revealed the news about the LED advertising panel in an attempt to win back his integrity and reputation.

A commotion started after Li Du finished his explanation:

"I believe this young man—they have been earning a decent amount."

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