556 The Private Storage Auction

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Not mincing her words, the woman replied, "A librarian bought this beautiful house, while a salesman like you could only afford some run-down house."

Chalmers sniggered, "I knew that my uncle would give this house to me, so I bought a run-down house. You know, I've gotta fork out money to pay the inheritance tax."

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As he spoke, he grumbled discontentedly, "D*mn the IRS. They're merciless! They collected the money that took me a few years to save just like that!"

The woman didn't want to hear his complaining and rummaged in the cabinet to retrieve a bunch of keys. She threw them at him and said, "What're you actually planning to do?"

Chalmers blinked at her. "I'm planning to earn some money."

He opened the storage unit. There really was a furniture set comprising of a table and some chairs in there.

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