1286 The Power Of Money

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du had never seen a mental patient before, but he felt that these doctors and nurses were professionals in their field and could definitely tell the difference between a lunatic and a normal person.

They were all normal people, and everyone should be able to recognize it, so he desperately explained.

Nevertheless, the white coat people looked at them as if they were idiots.

Madman and the others panicked too and said, "Boss, why are you wasting your time talking? Let's get out of here, we will lead the way. Getting out of this place is the important matter now!"

When Li Du was just about to speak, Big Ivan and Driver were having a skirmish with the female Godzilla. That lady waved her strong arms, caught Big Ivan like an eagle catching a little chick and threw him away.

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