376 The Peel

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Rick’s 60,000 dollars was already nearing the previous closing bid. But for unit 42, it was just one of the first few bids.

For unit 41, everyone had been reluctant to bid because they were unsure of the authenticity of the furniture.

When it came to unit 42, the treasure hunters were now more confident since they had attempted to appraise the furniture with their own ways and had received positive results.

The furniture seemed to be mahogany material.

As such, after Rick called for 60,000 dollars, there was someone who followed almost instantly:

"Sixty-one thousand dollars!"

"Sixty-two thousand dollars!"

"Sixty-four thousand!"

"Seventy thousand!"

The treasure hunters were raising the prices themselves. There was no need for the auctioneer to speak, and he was happily watching with his arms crossed.

"Everyone’s going crazy, all thanks to you," Hans said.

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