141 The Other One from the Mill

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Tina accepted the money, and then wrote an IOU note to Li Du. Although she wrote it seriously, there was also a seductive, red lipstick mark on it beside her signature.

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Leaving behind the note, the black-haired girl waved to him with a bright smile, and went off with her four companions.

Li Du also smiled and waved back. Lending 2,000 dollars to these girls didn’t have to do with any impure motive toward them, but was simply due to him wanting to help them.

Last night, when Tina was singing "Stars and Midnight Blue" at the bonfire, Li Du was touched by her honest self.

He hoped that the girl would not deviate away from her original motivation due to money. What Li Du could do to help wasn’t much, and he could only express his sincerity with the 2,000 dollars.

As he kept the note and turned the other way, he found Hans and Godzilla right behind him, staring.

That made Li Du jumped. "Sh*t, what are you two doing, keeping silent over here. Trying to pretend to be ghosts?"

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