911 The Noise from Neighbor

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Christian was better in recognizing the value of the gift. When Li Du gave him the little Rolex car, he recognized the real identities of these cars.

"This is a masterpiece of Rolex's chief watchmaker, Quinill Phillip. Mr. Phillip used all the broken watch pieces that he had accumulated during his time at work to make a series of artwork after he retired."

Christian reminisced as he drank his coffee, "Besides little cars, there is also an animal series. I have seen it in the house of one of the Warner Pictures' directors. It was extremely beautiful."

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He accepted the present with a smile. There was some progress in the relationship between them.

Last time, Christian was only called by a friend to help out. It had nothing to do with Li Du, who was at most his acquaintance.

This time he accepted Li Du's present. They could at least call each other friends now.

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