533 The National Park

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As soon as the little bug finished looking at the inside of the storage unit, Li Du left the entrance.

Sophie asked curiously, "What did you see?"

Li Du shrugged. "Nothing."

Sophie looked disappointed. She pinched Li Du's cheeks and said, "Oh poor baby, hang in there. Do you wanna use a flashlight? It's very difficult to see anything this way."

Li Du burst out laughing. "Who says I can't see anything? I said 'nothing' because I didn't see anything valuable in there."

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After looking at the next few units, he still did not see anything much. The most valuable item was a piano. From the exterior it looked pretty good, but the structure within was damaged.

He asked Sophie about the value of a damaged piano. She told him that unless it was a branded product or a piano previously used by someone famous, it could only be used as a decorative item, and so was not worth much.

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