209 The Movie Prop Warehouse Auction

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Li Du felt embarrassed by the fact that he had already stayed for lunch, and now he was being told to pick some vegetables at Tomasson’s vegetable farm as well.

Li tried to refuse, but Tomasson was very insistent about it, and so he agreed to the friendly neighbor’s request.

Hans suggested, "Let's take some presents next time when we visit him—we can bring them some useful things they need."

"Like a filly?" Li Du laughed.

Jones added jokingly, "Remember to buy from my ranch. I’ll give you a special price."

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After a sumptuous lunch, Li noticed that the Amish were not in a hurry to go out to the fields. Had they done so in the middle of the day, they would likely get sunburns, as it was summer time.

Li Du really took his hats off to Arizona’s sunshine and climate. It was still early July and the weather was already this warm in Flagstaff. Li Du thought, How hot it would be in Phoenix if it were September?

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