335 The Metropolis

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Old Song’s words shocked Li Du, as he did not think that this bayonet would be worth so much money.

Compared to a trench mortar worth half a million dollars, the price of 10,000 dollars might have seemed low. For a regular bayonet to be able to fetch this amount, it was indeed a rare occurrence.

Old Song continued, "The sawback blade was not for killing enemies but to be worn by officers. Sawback blades were known as a symbol of authority in Germany. That is to say, this bayonet is more of a ceremonial weapon than one for practical use.

"However, at that time, the Germans had the best steel-forging technology. The bayonets were so well-made that they were ideal not just for killing, but also for hacking.

"This is because when the tip of such a sawback blade is pointing forward, the front of the blade can bring about more force, and can even hack something as thick as a willow tree’s trunk."

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