93 The Mammoth’s Tusk

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A supposedly profitable storage unit turning into a loss made Carl feel like killing someone.

His actual loss was much greater than what the treasure hunters had estimated, for the insider information he paid for was a substantial amount as well.

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Rambis obviously knew Carl very well. He quietly left the unit before anyone noticed.

Carl was furious. He picked up a plastic fender and threw it toward the onlookers, yelling, "Don't block the light—just get out! Get out of here! Scram!"

"Such a pitiful sight, he went crazy," a tall black man chuckled.

"Where do you think his nickname "Maniac Carl" came from?" asked Hans.

"Oh yeah!" Both the black man and Hans bumped their fists and laughed together.

This was the way of the storage unit auction business: If someone made a huge loss, the other treasure hunters would gloat. Less competition meant better chances of getting the units they wanted and, in turn, higher earnings.

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