361 The Mahogany Gallery

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Mr. Steel Steve’s name was Steve Tussenberg, a wealthy young man who lived in the eastern city of Boston.

After they chatted together for a while, Li Du could sense that this young man might not be too healthy, or he lived a restricted or restrained life.

When they conversed about birds and specimen collecting, Steve would frequently express his longing to be like the birds that could fly freely around. Li was able to discern that Steve was not yearning for the actual ability to fly, but rather envious of the fact that the birds could fly freely to anywhere they wanted.

Therefore, Li Du speculated that either he was in poor health and could not move about freely, or he had a special identity that did not allow him to move freely around.

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Both parties left their addresses and ended the call. Li Du had promised to send him the specimen as soon as possible.

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