613 The Little Bug Gains

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As Knight entered, a warm smile lit up his cool demeanor, giving his appearance an indescribable charm.

"Hi, Li." He gave the simple greeting directly.

Godzilla glared at him viciously with his eyes enlarged while making crunching sounds with his tightly clasped fists.

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With his composure unchanged, the middle-aged man standing behind Knight took a big step forward diagonally. He then returned Godzilla's glare with a chilling look.

Seeing that, Knight gave the middle-aged man a smile and said, "No need for that. We're not enemies."

The middle-age man nodded and then took a step back. Although he had not uttered a single word, he created tension with his thunder-like power, resembling a black mamba viper out hunting for prey at midnight.

Quiet, silent, vicious – killing with a single blow.

Knight said, "Li, there could be a misunderstanding between us. Did you think that I arranged for people to carry out this kidnapping?"

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