132 The Little Bug Changes Yet Again

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Li Du didn't quite understand what the New Age Movement was, but after he had entered the city, he found out more along the way and developed a better understanding.

This movement was considered a decentralizing type of social phenomenon. The social and religious movement had originated in the West from 1970 to 1980; it covered a wide range of topics such as spirituality, mysticism, environmentalism, alternative therapies, and also encompassed elements from various religions in the world as well.

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Hans directed Godzilla to stop at a Y-shaped street. This was the city center of Sedona, and the extremely busy intersection of Highway 89A and Highway 179.

There was a motel called Star Motel behind the street. Hans went in to register his mobile number and a sexy female staff member brought them upstairs.

On seeing the pretty lady, Hans’s lust was stirred up. "Hey sweetheart, is there beer in the refrigerator in our room?"

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