946 The Lion Hunter

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Li Du wanted to apologize again. The lion hunter waved generously and said, "Maybe we shouldn't blame your pet. It may have found this out."

As he spoke, he pulled up his clothes and revealed a bag the size of a child's fist on his waist. The bag was yellowish white, seamless and looked like leather at first sight.

After he took out the bag, Ali became even more agitated, struggling madly and kicking forward as if it saw the enemy that killed its father.

"What is this?" asked Li Du.

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The lion hunter said, "Samos, which was a gift from my business partner from Australia. It's a coin purse, but I use it as a gemstone purse because it is made up of one piece of leather and I don't have to worry about wearing out the jewelry."

"Why is my little kangaroo mad with your purse?" Li Du wondered.

The lion hunter smiled maliciously and said, "Because the bag is made of a kangaroo's testicle or, strictly speaking, from the male kangaroo's scrotum."

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