457 The Lady’s Invitation

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This was really a battle of wits!

Li Du had the sudden impulse to cry as he looked at the mobile phone that laid face down on the table.

Why are other people's pets adorable and clever? he thought in frustration. Why are their pets good and obedient? Look at mine! I have to worry about both of them!

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Li Du had three pets, which was considered a lot back in China. However, in the United States, three pets was not a lot. Many American families had five or six dogs and, on top of that, kept another five or six cats, just like a mini zoo.

He picked up his phone to watch the video in a hopeful manner. Sophie carried Ah Ow in her arms and came up to him for a look as well. But, there was nothing useful. The camera was facing Ah Ow when all of a sudden, the scene went dark.

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