257 The Greenhorn

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Li Du used the little bug to check all six storage units. There was nothing that had attracted the little bug, but there were units that could enable them to make reasonable profits.

Of the six storage units, the first one had more than ten new household appliances: microwave, blender, water heater, and others in great condition.

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Li Du speculated that the unit could have been used by an electronic appliances store as temporary storage.   

When the auction started, Li Du spoke to Hans in a low voice, "This unit seems good. Go for it as long as it’s below 2,000 dollars."

The appliances in the unit could be sold to second-hand stores for a good price. He estimated they could make a gross profit of four to five thousand dollars.

Hans nodded quietly, knocking the bid paddle onto his other palm, waiting for the auctioneer to start the bidding.

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