867 The Grape-Picking Elves

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There were no walls around the house on top of the little slope. There was only a small yard, and there were two couples waiting for them at the entrance of the yard. Steve introduced them to Li Du, saying that this was a family of four. Their last name was Wade, and he had hired them to help take care of Sea Turtle Island.

As Steve did not normally stay there, he had to hire employees to take care of the island, and the salary for these people was not low. The annual cost of hiring the family of four was 500,000 Australian dollars. This was one of the expenses of maintaining an island.

Looking after an entire island was not just simply staying on the island, sleeping all day, and not moving at all. There was lots of work waiting to be done. The family needed to take care of the vineyard, needed to take care of the lawn, and needed to maintain cleanliness. All these jobs were enough to keep them busy from morning until night.

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