468 The Goody Mister Li

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Someone from the cabin had seen the three being stopped by the police and came running back to report, "Guys, better not drink and drive. Looks like the police are checking on drunk drivers."

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"Did the three appraisers drink?" Li Du asked. "I gotta go take a look. D*mn it, I may need to bail them out."

One had to pay a heavy price for drunk driving in the US. Police were very strict about pulling over cars with drunk drivers. They would make you take a test if you were caught, and would bring you to the police station under immediate arrest. People who drank and drive also needed to pay for other expenses such as the vehicle tow fee, vehicle storage fee, and fine.

One would also need to hire a lawyer to settle things with the court, and in order to eventually re-obtain a driver's license. And if someone had a record of drunk driving, even if they hadn't gotten in an accident, their insurance would also surge.

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