505 The Golden City

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Tucson was the second biggest city in Arizona and was located in the Sonoran Desert. There were many sand dunes and cactuses all around.

The last time Li Du had come here was to sell the old pictures to the history professor of Arizona University.

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It had been spring during his last visit and now it was fall. The scenery was different during different seasons.

Tucson looked bright and golden now. The beautiful color was very amazing.

Driving from the east side of Exit 258 of the I-10 Intercontinental Highway, they reached Tucson city in the evening. The sunset was beautiful in Southwest America—even better than Phoenix. Although the golden sand dunes looked beautiful, it was difficult to tolerate the heat once they got out of the truck.

Hans gave Big Quinn instructions. "Go northeast, man. Another mile and we'll reach the Arizona University campus. Let's have our dinner and we'll stay near there tonight."

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