74 The Girl That Likes to Smile

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After clearing up two storage units, the sky was pitch black.

When they were leaving the storage company, a half-naked Little Cerci was still sorting out the trash, complaining and cursing at his plight.

"Looks like that kid will be staying overnight," Hans gloated at Little Cerci's sorry state.

Ah Meow leaned onto the car window while looking at Cerci. Its mouth curled up a little toward the left. When Clyne noticed this, he exclaimed, "Hey, this ocelot just wore an expression like a human."

Hearing this, Ah Meow rolled its eyes, thinking, Foolish poop cleaner—why would I want to be like you?

They had nothing else to do after clearing up the storage unit, but Li Du decided to stay for another day. Humphreys's weekend concerts were quite famous. He had not watched live concerts before, so he wanted to stay and check one out.

Hans had no objections, and Clyne was even more eager to stay because hiring him for another day meant he would make another 200 dollars.

Using the little bug had greatly increased Li Du's energy levels. As long as he did not overuse it, he would always be full of energy. Especially just right after waking up; he felt as though a rifle had gone off to shoot him out of bed.

He threw off his blanket and shook his butt in an enthusiastic moment of self entertainment. In the end, with a turn of his head and he saw Ah Meow looking at a certain part of him intensely. Li Du hastily put on his pants.

"Guys won't have cats and women wouldn't have dogs—Ah Meow, don't peek or else you can forget about ever sharing the same room as me," Mr. Li said sternly.

Ah Meow curled its lips and revealed the expression of disdain that Clyne had seen.

The concert was going to begin at 10 am. The town had a large square, and within it were several stages that had been set up. They rushed there and found that there were not many cars parked at the lots, and the crowd was thin.

There were some shops around the square; some had even set up stalls selling food like coffee, ice cream, and hot dogs.

"This is a small audience," Li Du said, disappointed.

Hans shrugged. "A concert every week, with this frequency, you can't expect any big-shots to come. The locals had already gotten tired of these performances. There aren't that many tourists in town—how many people do you think will be here?"

The bands were very devoted to their performances. The lead singer closed his eyes and seemed to be enjoying himself, while the drummer was whipping his hair back and forth to the beat of his drums like a drunkard.

There were a few girl groups. The bassist was the black beauty that they had met at the supermarket.

Hans was giving an energetic applause, shaking his butt to the beat like a hen in heat.

Li Du shook his head. "You really don't give a damn about shame—doing such sexual movements in public."

Hans turned his head and said to Li Du, "Screw you. This is called the Deadly Twerk, so be amazed!"

The girl group performed four songs and then stopped.

Li Du brought four bouquets of fresh flowers to Hans and said, "Give these to them."

Hans asked in surprise, "Where did you get these?"

Li Du pointed toward outside the square, "There's a florist there, didn't you see? Baby's-Breath, Roses, Lavender; you go do your thing."

Hans chuckled, "Thanks, buddy, I always thought you hated it when I was with women. But you bought too much; one bouquet is enough."

"What I dislike is when you don't see the big picture. Black Jack had been spying on us."

The four girls were taking a water break. Hans hurriedly ran over while carrying the flowers, and gave them a bouquet each. He gave the one with the most brightly colored rose to the black beauty, whispered something softly, and the woman giggled.

Li Du brought Ah Meow to some other stage and listened to the performances there. Though there were not many audience members, the singers were very devoted to their performances. Listening to the songs live were much better than hearing them from a DJ; he was quite fond of it.

One of the four girls walked toward Li Du and said with a bright smile, "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Tina."

"Hi, I'm Li. Nice to meet you," Li Du nodded and smiled back.

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The girl was biracial, with a head of black, permed hair hanging at her shoulders. Her eyes had an Eva Green feel, delicate and well-chiseled. Wearing a blazing-red lipstick color, her smile carried a tinge of seductiveness.

Her hands were tucked in her pockets as she walked over. She asked, "Were the flowers from you? I just saw you giving them to him—that friend of yours."

Li Du said, "Yeah, but he wanted me to get them, so they are technically from him."

Tina creased her nose and lightly smiled. "I know you're lying. That frivolous guy wouldn't have thought of this. If he were to give flowers, he would get some only for Ilfen. Not all four of us."

Li Du looked at her in surprise. This girl had hit the mark. When he gave the flowers to Hans, Hans had told him right away that he had bought too many.

Noticing his expression, Tina stretched her arms and giggled. "Unfortunately, I'm right. But that's not a big deal. Ilfen wouldn't go to bed with some playboy and his sweet-talk.

Li Du also laughed. "You girls are close. Does Ilfen talk about everything with the three of you?"

"Of course. When we left our hometown to come here and pursue our dreams of music, we stuck together. We'd be in trouble in a foreign environment without a few close friends."

Li Du asked curiously, "You girls wanted to pursue your dreams of music here? There aren't any scouts here in this town, not much of an audience—even the story of the town being the birthplace of country music is fake. Why would you come here? Don't tell me that you girls didn't know any of this."

Tina smiled, her seductiveness growing stronger. "We knew. You were right about the things that weren't here, but there are many comrades with the same dreams. If not here, where else then?"

As she spoke, she bent down and said to Ah Meow, "Little ocelot, tell me, where can we go?"

Ah Meow rolled its eyes: Crazy retard, why would I care about you?

There were many small shops in the square. Li Du invited Tina to grab a drink, and she ordered an iced soda water. She pointed to her white, slender neck, and smiled to Li Du. "Protecting my throat. I still have to pursue my dreams."

Li Du said, "I don't understand much about music, but I see that you smile a lot. In my country, there's a saying: 'A girl that likes to smile will always have good luck.' I hope that you fulfill your dreams someday."

As he said this, he raised his coffee. "Let's toast to your dreams coming true soon."

The two talked on day-to-day topics for about half an hour, and then Hans started walking over.

Seeing him, Tina whipped out her phone and said, "Let's follow each other on Twitter and Facebook. I think you guys will be going soon. Your friend has realized that Ilfen isn't someone who will go to bed with just anyone."

When Hans reached the table Tina stood to leave.

After the two passed each other, Hans whistled and said, "Hey, girl, nice earrings there. They look good on you."

Tina shrugged and left immediately without a response.

Hans drank some fruit juice and said, "What now? Are we going to continue listening? Or shall we go back?"

Li Du said, "Why are you in such a hurry to return home? You're not planning to go after that black beauty?"

Hans laughed, "What do you think I am? A pig in heat? I just admired her and chatted with her. No other intentions."

Ah Meow curled its lips again; Another retard. It started to feel depressed. If I am to continue staying with these retards, won't I become one too?

Li Du glanced at Tina's retreating figure one last time; she was spot-on when guessing people's characters.

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