616 The Gift

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Since Li Du did not even know Ferrari's background, how could he explain it to him?

Nonetheless, as Jim King was evidently a very smart person, Li Du could not ask him regarding this. He figured that if he were to ask, the other party would be able to immediately infer that his relationship with Ferrari was an ordinary one. 

Li Du continued speaking in a vague manner. "I will bring this up to him when I go back."

As Jim King saw his reply as being perfunctory, he became a little anxious.

After rubbing his hands together out of habit, he pulled open his desk drawer and took out a box before handing it over to Li Du. "Oh, mate, there is something I almost forgot. Haha, I have prepared a small gift for you. Hopefully, it can make up for some of the damages you have suffered from this incident that our company is responsible for."

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Li Du responded, "You are too kind, Boss King."

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