301 The Gentleman Knows Martial Arts

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Half an hour had passed. Li Du started to make his way back.

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It was coincidental that Hugo was also on his way back, the two of them saw each other, and walked one after another.

Hugo had taken off his top, revealing the exaggerated lines of his muscular upper torso; there was beast blood on his face; he carried a gun on his back and a deer slung over his shoulder, which Li Du had to admit looked cool.

Besides the deer, there were hares, wild birds and the like, hanging from his waist. Smaller prey like sparrows and pigeons were hanging from his neck.

In short, from his appearance, he looked like a super hunter.

By stark contrast, Li Du had maintained a refined appearance; his assault jacket was spotless, his hand was only carrying a crossbow, and there was only a bulging camping bag.

Hugo stared at him with a condescending grin. "Hey dude, did you take a nap?" "

Li Du yawned and said, "I’ll nap later. I do feel a bit sleepy now."

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