1175 The Ford Brothers

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Seeing that Li Du was enjoying the krill, Steve reminded him, "Just eat a few, not too much. They have a high amount of carbon in their body and need to be processed. They are not suitable to be eaten directly."

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The krill had only one vessel for digestion and did not have a well-developed digestive system. Hence, their digestive functions were poor and as a reason, there was a high amount of carbon in their feces.

Of course, 'high amount' was a relative term. Other seafood also contained a lot of biochar. Metabolizing the biochar in a human body might be more taxing, but it would not be a problem.

Steve's diet was restricted by nutritionists and he had to be careful about what he consumed, unlike Li Du and other people.

The ice ship was not easy to drive. When the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, they had to keep the sails down and rely on their paddles.

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