168 The Flavor of Home

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After the introduction, Wesley’s parents thanked Sophie and Li Du warmly in English. "Thank you very much, Doctor Sophie. Thank you very much, Doctor Li. Doctor Li, are you from China too?"

Li Du smiled kindly and explained to Wesley’s parents in Mandarin: "I’m not a doctor—it was a coincidence I was there—and I only did what I could, there’s no need for thanks."

As they were conversing in their mother tongue, Sophie politely excused herself and left the ward with Ah Meow.

As Li Du spoke to them in Mandarin, their query was indirectly answered by Li Du that he came from China as well. They immediately felt connected and treated Li Du warmly.

Wesley’s Chinese name was Liu Jin Long. His father was Liu Jian Guo. His mother was Zheng Feng Rong. Both worked in China as customs officers. It had taken quite a while for them to come to America as they needed the necessary permit and relevant documents to be approved, and their work arrangements needed to be sorted out as well.

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