381 The First Foray Into The East

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The appraisal of mahogany was a complicated science. To evaluate the rosewood alone, Antonio and Barth had spent a long time, using many different methods.

The two of them taught Li Du and Hans how to appraise the rosewood through its physical attributes. For example, the studying of the distribution of pores in the cross-sections. In genuine rosewood, the pores would be evenly distributed throughout the diameter of the growth ring. Otherwise, it could very well be fake rosewood.

Under close observation, the growth ring in the cross-section of the rosewood did not seem obvious, unlike that of other wood. This was a key feature of rosewood.

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In addition, in terms of the material’s color, rosewood’s newly-exposed surface would initially look orange, but over time would become dark purple or purplish-black. It might even have light purple and black streaks.

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