228 The Final Methods

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Unit 35 was the highest bid of the day. Unit 28 was the runner-up. These two were the most expensive units; to get them Frank and York had spent over 200,000 dollars.

From the looks of things, the treasures that they had spent all their cash to get, had now turned to trash. This auction had forced them to make a loss of over 200,000 dollars!

The two were devastated.

They had actually spent over 200,000 dollars. Even if they were members of The Million Club, it didn’t mean that they had millions of dollars in liquid funds. The 200,000-dollar loss was a heavy blow to their finances.

Frank flipped into a mad fury again, kicking the boxes and other junk around him, yelling, "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! F*ck this f*cking place! D*mn it, d*mn it!"

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York tried his best to keep calm as he held his partner back. "Calm down, brother, storage auctions are always a dangerous business."

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