1168 The Fifth Dimension

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The Chicxulub impact brought an end to one of Earth's great eras before the planet entered its Ice Age, which lasted until the Cenozoic era arrived.

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"The Wilkes event happened right in the Cenozoic era, in fact, the Eocene Cenozoic, about 58 to 36 million years ago."

"But as you can see, this meteorite is supposed to be bigger, so much bigger than the Chicxulub meteorite, which created an era when life was off limits. This meteorite, therefore, should have started an era when life was nearly extinct a longer period of time, and possibly even destroyed all life on earth!"

"However, it didn't happen. The meteorite impact was limited to the region now known as Antarctica, and the effect was comparatively very mild. It just destroyed the region's ecological environment at the time. Why is this so? "

Li Du looked at Steve doubtfully, shrugged and said, "You tell me, I did not research this and can't possibly guess."

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