207 The Feeling of Trust

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There were quite a few people interested in the foot-treadle loom.

Li Du raised the price to 2,000 dollars, but there were still two bidders who continued to bid.

But Li continued bidding patiently; the two contenders gave up on the traditional loom, shaking their heads when the bid increased to 2,800 dollars.

The auctioneer pointed at Li Du, "2,800 dollars, 2,800 dollars, 2,800 dollars, the traditional loom now belongs to this young man over here! Everyone, let’s give this young man a round of applause. Congratulations."

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For every item that was auctioned off, everyone would clap to congratulate the new owner of the item; this was one of the reasons the atmosphere of the Old Goods market was amicable.

Someone came over to Li and said, "Hi friend, thank you. I didn’t expect a young man to bid for this old loom. I thought only older people would like it."

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