458 The Expert Appraisers

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He spent the evening with Sophie. Li Du received a call the next morning from Ma Zhi-an who told him that the Chinese appraisers from Christie's had reached Flagstaff.

Li Du drove the Hellcat and went straight to a junction to wait for the appraisers. They had fixed a venue for the meetup. Not long after, a Toyota Prado arrived.

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The car stopped and three middle-aged Chinese men walked out.

The three of them seemed to be around 40 to 50 years old. They wore glasses, their clothes were neat and tidy, they had good complexions, clean and trim fingernails, and, lastly, they all possessed the air of an expert.

Li Du took the initiative by walking up to them and extended his hand. "Nice to meet all of you, the three of you are Mr. Ma, Mr. Du and Mr. Ding right?"

The three experts were namely, Ma Cheng, Du Dayuan, and Ding Xiaofeng. Ma Zhi-an had sent Li Du information on these three gentlemen, so Li could recognize them right away.

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