454 The Enthusiastic Brother Ma

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Advanced technology was created to make lives better.

With the fishing machine, the fishing speed was very fast; so long as the fish bit the bait, there was almost no way of escaping.

The force gauge machine was very sensitive to the feeling of the strength of the pull. It would gauge according to the level of resistance of the fish and perform the appropriate action. The machine would only reel in when the fish was really hooked, and it was as steady as it could be.

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The fishing machine was a really good item. Li Du stayed with the machine for two hours straight and still felt he hadn't gotten enough fun. But with so many treasure hunters waiting helplessly, he had to give up his seat.

When they went back on land, Li Du found a convenience store near the lake, bought another set of postcards and mailed it to Sophie. 

That night the group found a nearby hotel and stayed overnight at Lake Powell.

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