120 The Dominator Meow

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The two got out of the car. "It’s been hours, but I haven’t given you my thanks. Li, thank you. If it weren’t for you today, my life would have been ruined," Sophie said.

"Don’t say that. Firstly, that was something I should have done, because you called me. Secondly, we should always stay strong, so that nothing in life will be able to beat us down," Li said.

Sophie let out a tired sigh. "You don’t understand me, Li. I don’t know how to say this to you… Oh, and thank you for that hug. I’m sorry I overreacted, but I’ve never done that with a man before."

Li kept silent. He was trying to understand what those words meant.

Sophie lowered her head, and two locks of her hair drooped down. Under the silvery moonlight, they glowed softly and magnificently.

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"Since I was young, my parents and I have dedicated ourselves to God. God decrees that we keep our body pure. In my life, I had never hugged a man. Is that weird?" she asked self-mockingly.

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