1306 The Deep Sea Devil

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"Damn it!" Li Du could not restrain himself from swearing.

The guide looked at him and asked, "Where is the gopher?"

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Li Du stretched out his hand to scratch his scalp. He heard a scratching sound, but he did not feel much pain, just some numbness.

He looked at Steve and the others and said, "I think I saw a red-eyed tentacle, too. I saw a gopher, but then it was dragged away by something…"

"Dragged away by something? Did you see what dragged it away? Is it the devil of the deep sea? Did it grab the gopher with its tentacles?" Andrey asked anxiously.

Steve gave them both a shove. "What's wrong with you? Damn it, we're from America, we're educated in science, and you still believe in this superstition?"

Hearing this, Li Du became irascible for some reason.

He gave Steve a push too and roared angrily, "Of course I don't believe in such superstitious nonsense, but it's true! I did see a tentacle with red eyes!"

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