101 The Crazy Little Bug

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Both Hans and the driver had been exaggerating the situation, but Whiskey Row really was full of pubs, bars, and beer houses, as its name suggested.

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A group of big guys had their arms around each other's shoulders and stumbled out from a bar. Hans shouted to them, "Tonight is a good night!"

A big guy barely looked up and grinned, "Exactly! The sky full of bright, twinkling stars."

Another big guy murmured, "I thought it was dawn, but the night isn't over. So why should we rush? Let's continue drinking."

Mr. Li looked at his phone in surprise. Hmm, I think the time is right. The phone read that it was one o'clock in the afternoon...

There were lots of drunks in the streets, and there were also lots of drunks in the bars. Hans said, "There are only two types of people; the drunk, and the person who is about to get drunk."

Li Du shrugged, "I am an exception."

Hans agreed with him, "Yes, your tolerance for alcohol is really high."

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