1300 The Crash

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The pirate ship stopped.

The ship was still floating in the water because its bottom was mostly intact.

The stern of the pirate ship was almost blown off, but a hand grenade was not enough to sink a ship. After all, it was designed to withstand greater hardships than that.

The upper deck of the stern was blown to pieces, but it had little impact on the ship itself. There was no water leakage, and the ship was able to run normally.

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However, the people on the ship were frightened. The two grenades exploded one after another, causing thousands of pieces of shrapnel to fly everywhere. The pirates that were standing nearby and did not hide were injured.

Long Hair was injured, too. He had a bloody gash on his bottom that stung and throbbed in pain.

He clutched his bottom, not knowing what to do, and looked at his panicked men. He could not accept this: someone attacked his pirate ship, and that someone had a grenade!

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