466 The Cosplay Game

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He decided not to argue with her. Otherwise, he would die of annoyance. He said, "I'm giving you the chance to claim credit for arresting some fraudsters. How about it? Do you want to thank me for it?"

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Luo Qun said immediately, "There's something not right about those people you brought home in the afternoon, right?"

Li Du sighed, "Don't spout nonsense…" This lass is indeed sharp!

"You dare say it's not them?" Luo Qun retorted.

Resigned, Li Du said, "Don't come over with your partner yet. They should be easy to handle. Just come over and arrest them when I call you."

After hanging up, he leaned against the railing and continued looking at the crowd below.

Everyone was in high spirits from the party—most people were drinking. Frank and York were studying the knives while Ma Cheng and the other two men were looking at the artwork they had brought back from the Hopi Reservation.

As Li Du surveyed them, mixed feelings flooded his heart.

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