448 The Copper Glove and Prophecy Stones

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The Hopi were proud of their coffin making culture instead of their burial customs. Many Native Americans had strong craftsmanship skills.

There were many different places in North America where Native Americans still lived by upholding and retaining their traditional customs and cultures. For example, there were several such tribes hidden amongst the Rocky Mountains.

The Hopi were also good craftsmen. When their children went to school, their important subjects weren't geography, mathematics, English, or science. Their most important subjects were engraving and handicrafts.

In their point of view, these skills could help them earn a living. These were lifelong skills and they never stopped learning them as they grew older. That was why their techniques and skills were really good.

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The Hopi's coffins were very unique and special. They were made especially to reflect the person's hobbies and habits when they were alive.

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