220 The Conflict Caused by The Drone

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There was a large number of books in the second storage unit. Some of the tool books inside looked like they were very old; if they had appeared in a library or museum auction, it would have triggered bloodshed.

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Even here, there were many people willing to bid very high prices.

These tool books were probably not antiques, but if they had been featured in some excellent movies, then they would be valuable. There would be many people willing to collect them.

Li Du did not notice any famous tool books among them. He did not participate in the auction of this unit; his estimation of the value of the storage within was 10,000 dollars.

In the end, it only took a short span of forty seconds for the bid price to exceed 10,000 dollars. It eventually stopped at 22,000.

Frank and York still did not make any bids, and sneered at the crowd.

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