435 The Charm of the US Dollar

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These plates were very beautiful; they had a brilliant color, and looked both charming and elegant. They felt delicate in Li Du's hands and he was unwilling to put them down.

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He was not feeling particularly excited about them as he did not think they were very precious. Otherwise, the little bug would have had a reaction to them.

He used the time travel ability and many past scenarios appeared before him:

Someone wearing a T-shirt was waving and drawing on the plate. There was the image of a green pine tree, and he saw that the design was exactly that of the plate he was holding in his hands.

Needless to say, these were imitations. The genuine item would be from the Qing Dynasty, and nobody would have been wearing T-shirts then. Furthermore, the wording on the T-shirt was "Dash to Japan Island. Catch **** alive…"

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