587 The Cash Auction

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After eating supper, Li Du slept.

He had originally wanted to sleep only for three to four hours before waking up to continue the search, and had set his alarm to wake him.

When he woke up, however, it was already bright. He looked at his watch. It was 8:30 am. He asked gloomily, "The alarm didn't go off?"

Seeing that he was up, Sophie chuckled. "It was turned off by someone, cause that someone saw someone else was sleeping soundly, so wanted to let him sleep more."

Li Du also laughed; he had enough sleep and so was feeling recharged.

"I'm fine. You shouldn't have worried," he said as he went over to give Sophie a kiss.

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"Remember what I had said last night?" Sophie asked. "A stress fracture is a kind of injury caused by excessive fatigue. When the muscles are overused, they cannot absorb the vibrations caused by repeated collisions. The stress is then carried to the bones, resulting in fractures or cracks in the bones."

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