611 The Carp Got Off the Golden Hook

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du was thrilled when he saw the single word on the cover.

Obviously, this was the cover of a septic tank. It was connected to a septic tank underground and was filled with biogas. Biogas resulted in pressure building up, which was why the covers were usually airtight.

He quickly released the little bug to go into the cover, which had been chained to the ground by eight iron locks to withstand the pressure from the biogas.

This was a large septic tank with many pipes connected to it. In it were thick layers of feces.

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The little bug crawled into the cover to absorb its time capability. Before long, the rusty iron locks became even more worn out.

"Pop," one of the iron locks broke.

The thugs outside began to pack their things. Li Du became anxious and used all his might to quicken the little bug's absorption of time capability.

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