216 The Bustle Increases

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Another truck had arrived. Dozens of treasure hunters surged forward to crowd around it.

Li Du looked over with curiosity, and asked, "Who’s here?"

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Hans, who was usually very hyper at auctions, had been overly cautious here. He did not even have the desire to take a look, and said lethargically, "Who knows? Maybe some celebrity."

"There really are many chances to see celebrities here in LA," Big Beard said. "The other day, I bumped into Keanu Reeves—he was a friendly chap. Look, we took a photo together."

He whipped out his mobile phone to show everyone. The treasure hunters immediately looked envious.

Keanu Reeves was famous in Arizona, not only for his outstanding acting skills, but also for his forthrightness, gentleness, and generosity.

"You are so lucky, buddy. Such a pity I didn’t meet him. I really like this guy."

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