140 The Boundless Sky, The Countless Stars

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In just a short period, the camping area had attracted a large crowd.

Jason and his gang had already attracted some attention when they were harassing Tina and the other girls, and Li Du’s actions in taking down Carey twice had attracted even more.

Thus, quite a few people had seen Jason’s "exhibition."

As the gossiping around them grew heavier, Jason and his gang lost their will to remain there. They packed up their unopened tents and left the camping ground.

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Li Du said, "In Chinese, we have a saying: ‘When the old man from the frontier loses his horse, how could one know if it will not be fortuitous?’ What this saying means is that some things you think are bad could turn out to be blessings in disguise."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Those idiots came to provoke us. Although it seemed like a bad thing at first, now that they’ve left, several spots are free to use now. With that, we don’t have to squeeze together anymore. Isn’t that something good?"

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